Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brace Yourselves! ACME 376 XML Is Here!

The ACME 376 Proposal for International Standardization
The following letter is to Rob Weir, who somehow managed to get his own personal XML language approved as a standard. We too would like our personal XML language and file format approved. But we don't have Rob's connections. We also don't pack the massive checkbook he carries! Still, our XML is just as worthy of international consideration. We also are providing the standards bodies members with an easy to download ACME 376 Compatibility Kit for versions of MSOffice 97-2007 so that they can test and use our personal XML language. We need help Rob!

Dear Rob,
We were very inspired by your "ECMA Weirish" effort. We too have ideas, thoughts and business needs so unique that we need our own XML language. So we invented ACME 376. We even have a ACME 376 Plugin for MSOffice so that coyote's everywhere can immediately improve their road runner catching productivity using our own XML language, "ACME 376". Now coyote's, plumbers and amateur bomb-makers everywhere can finally join the XML revolution, converting their billions of legacy binary documents to perfect, 100% high-fidelity ACME 376!

It's a great day for coyote's the world over. Woe to the hapless roadrunners who dissed us in the past.

So Rob, how did you get ECMA to rubber stamp "ECMA Weirish"? We need the same no-questions-asked rubber stamping for ACME 376. And from there we need to push it through ISO/IEC, but in a way so that the road runners of the world are caught unawares of our nefarious plot for their destruction.

Could you please review the following proposal and advise,


Wanted: A Standards Body Willing To Rubber Stamp
Inspired by Rob Weir’s blog who intended to standardize “Weirish” as an international standard, we thought that if Rob has his own standard then we need one too.

So, we invented the “ACME 376” file format. It meets all the requirements of the ECMA TC 45, namely:

  • * it is XML! Actually “.acme” files are ZIP files which contain pure XML.
  • * it is compatible with Microsoft Office (2000, XP and 2003).
  • * it can convert those billions of binary documents with perfect fidelity
  • * it is great!

Make your Microsoft Word desktop productivity environment “ACME 376” ready today. You can download the installer here. This is not a joke! If you have problems, leave a comment here.

Standards bodies of the world! ACME 376 needs your consideration and approval! We need your vote for ISO/IEC approval now. We made sure not to use any other existing standard so a review for contradiction is not necessary.

Make ACME 376 an ISO standard today!

Download the installer for ACME 376 Compatibility Kit for Microsoft Office.

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