Thursday, May 21, 2009

OpenWeb 05/21/2009 (p.m.)

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    • OK, once again things are looking very nasty at the ODF TC wonderland. This may surpass the infamous "List Enhancement" donnybrook that ended up with OASIS closing down the OpenDocument Foundation OSS sponsorship loophole. - post by garyedwards
  • ODF is important. So What Went Wrong? Response to Jeremy Allison: Having participated in a number of government pilot studies, I must say that you are right; government officials do care about ODF. They really want it to work. But they also had expectations that ODF simply wasn't designed for. What they expected ODF to be was an open technology based on highly-structured XML markup that was application, platform, and vendor-independent, backward compatible, universally interoperable, and importantly, Web ready. That is not ODF nor is it OOXML. In fact, the closest thing we have for meeting these expectations is an ajax-webkit style HTML+ (HTML5, CSS4, SVG/Canvas, JS jQuery, etc.). ODF is highly structured, but it is not application-independent. .....

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