Tuesday, June 09, 2009

OpenWeb: Google Apps charges into the enterprise with .... wait a second, is this right? An Outlook integration app?

  • Digital Daily is carrying John Paczkowski's point-by-point twitter stream of the Google Apps Event. Fascinating stuff. Especially Dave Girouard's comments comparing Google Apps to MSOffice.

    One highlight of the event seems to be the announcement of a Google Outlook integration app. Sounds like something similar to what Zimbra did a few years ago prior to the $350 million acquisition by Yahoo! Zimbra perfected an integration into desktop Outlook comparable to the Exchange - Outlook channel. 

    If Google Apps Sync for Outlook integration is a s good as the event demo, they would still have to crack into MSOffice to compete with the MSOffice-SharePoint-MOSS integration channel. 

    the post is also filled with some interesting comments from Google Enterprise customers, Genentech, Morgans Hotel Group, and Avago .

    Google did discuss the future of its productivity suite and some enhancements that may begin to close the gap with Microsoft (MSFT) Office, something the company desperately needs to do if it wants to make deeper inroads in the enterprise area. Google Apps Enterprise chief, Dave Girouard admitted that gApps still has a ways to go.
    “Gmail is really the best email application in the world for consumers or business users, and we can prove that very well,” he said. “Calendar is also very good, and probably almost at the level of Gmail. But the word processing, spreadsheets and other products are much less mature. They’re a couple of years old at the most, and we still have a lot of work to do.”

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