Tuesday, November 08, 2011

OpenWeb 11/08/2011 (p.m.)

  • Tags: Mozilla, web OS, B2G, boot to Gecko

      • Mozilla has been experimenting with an interesting idea called Boot 2 Gecko. Essentially, B2G (as it’s called) is a mobile operating system based on the Web, as opposed to what the project’s wiki calls “proprietary, single-vendor stacks”. Mozilla has something there--open Web technologies indeed increasingly provide an intriguing platform for lots of things, mobile and otherwise.

        The developers on the B2G project are looking at the following areas:
        • New web APIs: build prototype APIs for exposing device and OS capabilities to content (Telephony, SMS, Camera, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)
        • Privilege model: making sure that these new capabilities are safely exposed to pages and applications
        • Booting: prototype a low-level substrate for an Android-compatible device
        • Applications: choose and port or build apps to prove out and prioritize the power of the system

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