Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OpenWeb 03/21/2012 (a.m.)

  • Interesting, but do they have a plan to implement ODBC at the Cloud level?  It's one thing to provide connectivity, exploration and analysis to non Cloud data and transaction servers.  And another to connect the data feeds into next generation compound documents.  Seems to me this is an effective first step, but the value remains elusive.  Left a comment on this page. exerpt: The startup’s offering, which has not been released yet, will connect to data stored in databases as well as the web and other sources, and adds a visual discovery component to make it easy for users to parse through this data and make sense of the information. The beauty of ClearStory is that it allows businesses to analyze internal and publicly available data at the same time and make this data easy for the masses to understand.

    Tags: ge, ClearStory-Data

  • new startup, looking to be a contender in the mobile sync-share-store content sector.  Not sure what separates them from the Dropbox sector though.  big time funding.  Sandhill road.

    Tags: Averail, DropBox

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