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OpenStack 12/06/2013 (a.m.)

  • Republic Wireless provides a new kind of smartphone cellular service based on a technology that handles the roll over from WiFi to 3G or 4G cellular in the middle of a call. Very cool, but currently it only works with specially outfitted (custom ROM) Android Moto X phones. (They are working on how to port this custom ROM technology to all Android phones :) The concept is based on the fact that WiFi is cheap, very open and near universally available; while 3G and 4G Cellular is expensive, contractual and proprietary. The idea is to leverage free WiFi wherever they can, and roll over to the Sprint 3G - 4G network when needed. Very cool and the business model seems to have it right. ......................................................................... "Which Moto X plan is right for me? Here's the lowdown on our four new plan options. Depending on your needs and how you want to use your phone, you can choose the plan that's best for you. $5 WiFi only plan This is the most powerful tool in your arsenal of options. Why? You can drop your smartphone bill—at will—to $5. If you’re interested in getting serious about cutting costs, you can use this tool to best leverage the WiFi in your life to reduce your phone bill. It’s also the ultimate plan for home base stickers and kids who don’t need a cellular plan. It’s fully unlimited data, talk and text—on WiFi only. $10 WiFi + Cell Talk & Text One of our members, 10thdoctor said :  “I use WiFi for everything, except when I'm traveling and for voice at my school.” Yep, this is the perfect plan for that. Our members are around WiFi about 90% of the time. During that 10% of the time where you’re away from WiFi, this plan gives you cellular backup for communicating when you need to. This plan both cuts costs and accommodates what’s quickly becoming the norm: a day filled with WiFi. $25 WiFi + Cell (3G) Talk, Text & Data Lots of people are on 3G plans today and are paying upwards of $100 a month on their smartphone bills. That’s nuts. This plan is here for you during the times when you need the backup of cell data. For folks who want to surf Facebook and check email in the car (as a passenger!) or who travel regularly for work, this option lets them enjoy all the benefits of WiFi with the luxury of 3G cellular data. You may find you only want this cellular back up part of the month—no problem! Switching during the month to the $5 or $10 plan is easy, and is a great way to keep more money in your wallet. $40 WiFi + Cell (4G) Talk, Text & Data We heard you tell us that you wanted a super fast option, so we added this arrow to your quiver. This plan is here for you when you’ve got a road warrior kind of month, and you’ve got a serious need for speed. Have to get work done on a long train ride? And need to work fast? This is your guy. Just like the other plans, it’s just a few clicks away."

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    • Do I need to buy minutes from Sprint or anyone else?

      No. We're the first-ever wireless provider to bundle WiFi calling with access to cellular whenever you need it. Depending on the plan you choose, your Republic Wireless phone will have unlimited* access to data, talk and text when using the Sprint cellular network. Note that the $5 plan offered by Republic is WiFi only and the $10 plan includes cellular talk and text (no data). All Republic plans include unlimited data, talk and text on WiFi. 

    • Can I switch between plans?

      Yes! When you purchase a new Moto X phone, you’ll be able to choose whatever plan you like—and you can also switch plans up to twice per month as your needs change. For example, if you know you’ll be taking a vacation and might require more cell data one week, you can switch to a cell data plan right from your phone and then switch back to a WiFi “friendlier” plan once you return home.

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