Wednesday, August 05, 2015

OpenStack 08/06/2015 (a.m.)

  • Tags: surveillance state, Germany, journalism, treason, litigation, chief-prosecutor-fired

    • A treason investigation against two German journalists claimed its first casualty Tuesday — the country's top prosecutor who ordered the probe.
    • Justice Minister Heiko Maas announced he was seeking the dismissal of Harald Range hours after the chief federal prosecutor accused the government of interfering in his investigation.

      Maas said he made the decision in consultation with Chancellor Angela Merkel's office, indicating that the sacking was approved at the highest level.

      The Justice Ministry had questioned Range's decision to open the investigation against two journalists from the website who had reported that Germany's domestic spy agency plans to expand surveillance of online communication.

      The treason probe was widely criticized and regarded as an embarrassment to the government. Senior officials stressed in recent days that Germany is committed to protecting press freedom.

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